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Mandrem with the beach of the same name is located in North Goa, between Ashvem and Arambol, with whom he shares a long sand spit. The village, as well as…

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8 Amazing Underwater Hotels

Many rightly believe that everyone saw in this world. The number of such people is growing every year, underwater hotels are being built especially for them. This trend is gaining momentum. Today, seafloor apartments can be found from Florida to the Maldives. The furnishings of the rooms are necessarily complemented by a breathtaking view from the underwater window, the bright “neighbors” are constantly changing, so the picture never bothers.


This grand hotel has been under construction for 13 years. Millions of dollars have been invested in the project and the amount continues to grow. The owners promise to present their brainchild to the public in a couple of years. Despite the fact that the complex has not yet been built, you can already see what futuristic capsule rooms and halls will look like. To date, more than 150,000 guests have reserved apartments in Poseidon. This excitement was provoked by luxury apartments, 70% of the room is transparent plexiglass, there are also built-in lamps to attract underwater inhabitants and a jacuzzi with a view of the coral reef. Among the additional offers it is worth noting chic restaurants and a wedding chapel.

Cost – from $ 15,000 per week per person on the All Inclusive system.


This hotel is a good example of what could result from a merger of Chinese tenacity and millions of dollars. The once abandoned quarry with a depth of 100 meters, which mutilated the surrounding landscape near Shanghai, enterprising businessmen decided to use for the construction of an ultramodern hotel. The lower floors will be located under the water. An artificial reservoir is planned to be populated with ichthyofauna. Sheer walls will turn into hanging gardens. Fashionable restaurants, in addition to delicacies, offer stunning views. For fans of extreme sports, jumping with a bungee head down is provided. Fortunately there is plenty of room for such fun.

Cost – from $ 1,800 per day according to the All Inclusive system.


This is one of the most accessible underwater sights of the world. In fact, this is a laboratory designed to study marine life, which can easily be transformed into a hotel room as soon as a client who wants to move in appears.

All guests should be familiar with scuba gear and have a diving certificate, as they have to dive to get inside the room. The atmosphere is modest, the amenities most necessary: ​​a hot shower, a small bed by the round window, a fridge with supplies, a compact kitchen, a TV, books, CDs with films and music.

Cost – from $ 150 per day


One smart and adventurous Briton decided not to build a hotel, but to bring him wherever he wanted. To date, the Lovers Deep submarine is visiting off the coast of Saint Lucia, but can leave the harbor at any time. The underwater floating hotel is focused on couples in love with an impressive bank account. It offers spacious designer interiors, a butler and a personal chef offering a special menu based on aphrodisiacs. Guests can enjoy oysters, black caviar and decadent chocolate fondue. A walk along the reefs is paid separately.

Cost – from $ 129,000 per person.


The chic Hotel Aquarius is fully consistent with its high star status. Here, the staff is ready to offer guests everything and even a little more, for example, an underwater 2-storey mansion-aquarium. Its upper part practically does not stand out against the background of neighboring luxurious villas: a cozy courtyard with exotic plants, a swimming pool, a spacious living room with everything you need, designer furniture and other attributes of chic life. The lower floor is a guest room, bedroom and lounge area with a huge window into the world’s largest aquarium. In addition to the fascinating non-stop sea show, guests enjoy watching scheduled feeding of predators from the hands of divers.

Price on request.


This floating art object appeared at the dawn of 2000 and is still in stable demand by those who want to be alone with themselves and the water element. Guests do not receive high-quality service and generally no services available even in the most budget hotels. A rubber boat delivers guests to a house in the middle of the lake. Number consists of 2 levels. On the first is a modest entrance, where you can leave a bag with things, at the bottom there is a bedroom where a rope ladder leads. The apartment has only 2 beds and 4 windows.

Cost – 500 € per house per day

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