Anzio is an ancient port city, on the shores of which the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea are broken. According to legend, the emperors Nero and Caligula were born…

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Anzio is an ancient port city, on the shores of which the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea are broken. According to legend, the emperors Nero and Caligula were born…

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Secret Bali beaches
Most tourists come to Bali for the beautiful beaches that nature has created for millennia. One likes soft sand in the south, others prefer black volcanic sand in the west,…

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5 beaches for snorkeling in Phuket

Phuket is one of the best Thai resorts, offering a lot of options for a pleasant pastime. The island offers its guests chic beaches, spa treatments, thematic shows in various institutions, shops, restaurants.

Snorkeling is popular among tourists of all ages, regardless of their social status. The entire coastline of Phuket is suitable for exploring the ichthyofauna with fins and mask, however, some beaches offer especially picturesque underwater views. Watch a video from snorkeling in Phuket:

Here is a list of leaders.


This 200-meter beach is located in the southwest of Phuket, near Nai Harn. Ao San is considered one of the most picturesque places of the island: a strip of silk sand is framed by dense tropical vegetation, which gives a cooling cool.

The best place for snorkeling is located on granite boulders: the shore goes sharply down. This place is inhabited by parrot fish and clown fish. Sometimes you can even find blackheads.

Another dive sport is located in the area of ​​the beach restaurant, but it is available only at high tide, when the coral sandbank is completely covered with water. At this time, numerous marine life swam to the shore in search of food.

How to get to Ao Sane
Take the road toward Royal Phuket Yacht Club. This complex is located in the northern part of Nai Harn Beach. After passing the hotel, you will see a sign towards Ao San. Continue driving until you see the beach.


The chamber and secluded Ya Nui Beach is located between Nai Harn and Promthep Cape. It is famous for its vast coral forest. Swimming with flippers and a mask promises to be fascinating. On the beach you can rent a kayak and go to the neighboring island, in the coastal waters of which exotic fish of different colors live.

How to get to Ya Nui beach
From Nai Harn, go south, behind the village, turn onto a dirt road, move to your destination.
From the center of the island, follow the road towards Rawai, at the observation deck turn left, after a few minutes you will see the beach.

Barking Sing

Located between the beaches of Kamala and Surin, Laem is in great demand. In high season, it can be difficult to find a free place, and nearby parking lots are paid. The coastline is dotted with large boulders that descend into the water. Tropical small fishes live in the crevices between them. The best place for snorkeling is in the southern part of the beach. You can also rent flippers and a mask there.

How to get to Laem Singh Beach
Drive along Beach Road from Kamala towards Surin to the Laem Sing sign. There you will see 2 parking lots at the northern and southern ends of the beach. Steep paths go down from each parking lot. The descent will take about 5 minutes.


The beach is 5 km south of Patong. The coastline is 150 meters long. It has everything you need – from sun loungers and umbrellas to small cafes. At the southern and northern extremities there is a 100-meter coral reef. The shallow depth is ideal for snorkeling. Mask and fins can be rented from beach staff.

How to get to Paradise beach
Follow the road from Patong towards the Amari Phuket Hotel, turn left at the fork, go past Baan Yin Dee, the road will go up and begin to loop. You should drive past Tri Trang Resort and Merlin Beach Resort, then you will see the Emerald Bay sign, continue driving until you see the Paradise Beach parking lot in front of you.

Kata Noah

This idyllic beach is famous for emerald water, the color of which strengthens the white sand. Sea inhabitants concentrated on the edges of the beach, not far from the accumulation of stones. There is a small house reef. To see him, you have to swim a fair distance without feeling the bottom under your feet. Good swimmers will discover the wonderful world of tropical ichthyofauna. Unlike its neighbor Kata Yai, Kata Noi is suitable for swimming only in the dry season.

How to get to Kata Noi Beach
Kata Noi is within walking distance of Kata Yai Beach, just behind the Mom Tri’s Villa Royale.

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