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Maldives independent travel

There are exchangers with a good exchange rate at the airport. It is worth exchanging a certain amount of money for food and travel. You can leave dollars, but in rubles (local currency), goods and services will be cheaper compared to evergreen American bills.

Transfer from the island airport to the capital of Male takes about 15 minutes across the beautiful ocean. The price of the trip is 10 rupees or 1.5 dollars.

In Male, we took a taxi for 10 dollars to the pier of Petrol Jet. There is parking for boats, boats and other boats. Water tansport has already been reserved for us by the managers of the Omadhoo Kuri Inn. We handed over our suitcase bags to the captain and went for a walk around the city. Despite the departure at 16.00, at 10 in the morning the boat was already in place, waiting for passengers.

The capital is as small as the state itself. The city can be bypassed all on foot without much difficulty. There are almost no attractions. It is worth noting the Muliage palace, mosques, the National Museum and the market with exotic fruits and gizmos. There is no fuss and cleanliness around, which is quite rare for South Asia.

Snack in a small cafe. Prices compared to Thailand, which we are already fed up with, can not be called humane. Rice with chicken and vegetables costs as much as $ 10.

Judging by the number of children’s stores, little shoppers are very fond of. Probably, a rare parent will refuse to pamper his child. There is a beach, but you can’t sunbathe in it in a bikini, so as not to offend the feelings of the local population.

The walk tired us, they probably drank 5 liters of water due to the intense heat. An hour and a half before sailing, we were on the pier, as there was already nothing to inspect, and our strength ran out. By the appointed hour X, there were no empty seats on our vessel. The bulk of passengers are locals who returned home from work.

Voyage left the most positive impression. At first we sailed past the picturesque islets, and about half an hour later we were in the open ocean of sapphire color. For the first time in my life, they saw a school of flying fish.


When we sailed to the island, on the pier we were already waiting for a hotel representative with a trolley in which he loaded our things. Omadhoo Kuri Inn is a 5-minute walk away. The island is tiny, then the presence of transport on it is devoid of any meaning. At the hotel we were treated to cool juice (welcome drink), they gave us to read the rules of our stay and were taken to our room. By the way, there are only 3 guesthouses on the island and all belong to the same person.


Double room with all-inclusive meals cost $ 150 per day, including taxes. If you are traveling to the Maldives, please note that prices may indicate with or without taxes. In the latter case, 22% will have to be added to the amount.

Meals were included in the payment. We intentionally bought a full package, as this is the best option for island living. Omadhoo has a restaurant, but its menu is very scarce. In local stores, the choice of food is also very limited. The assortment mainly includes products of long-term storage. Water, drinks, fruits, vegetables, meat and other edible supplies are brought to the resort from neighboring islands.

There were no problems with food in our guesthouse. The chef from Bangladesh was in charge of the kitchen. He cooked tasty, varied and with special enthusiasm. Every morning we had a delicious buffet with a standard set of delicacies: eggs in all forms, sausage, sausages, ruddy toasts, jam, juice, instant coffee (unfortunately), reconstituted milk powder (alas, there are no pastures on the coral islands) and fragrant buns generously sprinkled with sugar, just like in childhood.

The food is simple but satisfying. Just what you need for a water-beach adventure.

They fed tuna for lunch, and chicken for dinner. If there was chicken in the afternoon, then in the evening we were waiting for tuna dishes. Here is such a cyclical variety. All dishes are moderately seasoned. Hot peppers were used without much enthusiasm. On the side dish is potato, rice is sometimes pasta. Always available a couple of types of sauces. Fruits and vegetables in our diet were regular: tomatoes, salads, oranges, pineapples, papaya. Dinner did not get out of the usual gastronomic canvas, except for the soup. Yes, the Maldivians eat soup exclusively in the dark, which they tried to accustom us to. Cola, water and powder drinks quenched thirst perfectly.


A tourist beach (this is the part of the island where locals have nothing against bikinis and naked bodies) is about 10 minutes walk from the hotel.

There is a recommended dress code. Ladies: closed shoulders and knees. Men: T-shirt and shorts. If the young lady will move around the island with her knees and shoulders open, this will not have negative consequences. However, it is better to observe the rules of decency and, as they say, not to go with one’s charter to someone else’s monastery.

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Maldives independent travel
There are exchangers with a good exchange rate at the airport. It is worth exchanging a certain amount of money for food and travel. You can leave dollars, but in…