Islands of vietnam
Vietnam is surrounded by picturesque islands. The resorts located on them are not inferior in beauty and ways of spending leisure time to popular tourist places on the mainland. Here…

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India independent travel to Kerala
We began to choose where to go. I read the entire Wikipedia, compared it with the reviews and chose Kerala. This is the most peaceful state in South India, there…

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Top Things to do in Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua is an elite tourist area located about 25 km from Denpasar. Translated from Indonesian, “Nusa Dua” means “two islands”. Once the 2 islands really broke away from Bali…

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Where to go to relax in early spring

Fans of active winter vacations can go skiing and play snowballs on the eve of warming – just the prices in fashionable ski resorts will fall by this time. In general, how to fill the dull March days with bright events is up to you. And we will tell you what interesting happens at this time in the world.


We strongly recommend that you buy a tour in the UAE in the first spring month. Just in March, in the city of Dubai, the World Golf Championship is held, more precisely, one of its stages. One way or another, sports fans for aristocrats in crowds gather in the United Arab Emirates to personally attend this event. In addition, the most prestigious and very expensive equestrian competitions are held here in March-April, in which about 20 countries and more than 200 horses take part annually. The weather in the UAE is excellent, and although it can sometimes rain, it’s generally warm, dry and even pleasant to swim: the water temperature is kept at +23 degrees.


Fun and noisy in early March in Tobago, a small but very pretty republic that is especially recommended for a visit in early spring. At this time, there is a grand carnival, for which local residents begin to prepare from the beginning of January. In the Royal Park of the capital on the days of the celebration, locals and tourists have fun in one party, sharing with each other excellent rum and good mood. You will laugh heartily if you plan a vacation in Tobago for the duration of the goat races. This spectacle is to be observed in March in the village of Bukou: the owners flee with their wards, urging them with shouts and, if necessary, with sticks. For cultural enrichment, visit Port of Spain, the capital of the country, and stroll through the Magnificent Seven Park, art gallery, Ginderbred Haul residence and other interesting places.


If you want to spend your holidays in private, away from noisy parties and screaming fans, choose a vacation in the Gambia. It is the smallest African country with beautiful reserves, national parks and a very rich cultural heritage. Just at the beginning of spring, the dry season begins here, so no rain will interfere with your comfortable rest. For aesthetes, the Gambia is a real little paradise, a storehouse of unique species of plants and animals. Only unique birds are home to about 500 species!


In March-April, tours to Japan promise a lot of interesting things. Sakura and a peach tree begin to bloom, and on March 3, in the country of the Rising Sun, one of the most interesting holidays is celebrated – Hina Matsuri, or Girls’ Day. They are especially scrupulous in raising young ladies in Japan, and prefer to teach them manners and rules of behavior in a playful way. So, on Hina Matsuri girls dress up as adult ladies, they go to visit friends, bring them gifts and sweets. A good tradition is to play a wedding that day.


Do not miss the chance to visit Vietnam in early spring – bask in the sun in the city of Chamshon and get enough vitamins for the whole coming year. In the beginning of spring, of course, people come to this country mainly not for a chocolate tan, but to improve their health. Here, an environmentally friendly environment, it is possible to take healing sea baths, and the diet of the Vietnamese includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, fish, diet meat and green tea. You can’t find a better place to put your nervous system in order and restore your strength!


You can see the unique beaches and mysterious ancient settlements when you travel to Mexico. The wonderful Mayan pyramids, the ancient observatory in Chichen Itza, the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mitle and Monte Albana are highly desirable to visit. The weather also has a beach vacation: the air warms up to +30 degrees. The most popular trips to Mexico in March are to the beaches of Acapulco. Here the temperature of water and air reaches +25 degrees.

Fans of exotic and all unusual will surely like March Australia. In Melbourne, a grand festival of food and wine is held here, and master classes are given by talented chefs from Italy, Senegal, Japan, India and other countries. In the Barossa Valley, where, incidentally, most of the Australian wine is produced, a large open-air concert takes place in March.

Do not miss the opportunity to see a lot of interesting things until rain and slush stop on the streets of your city!

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