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Maafushi Island

Maafushi Island is located 27 km from the capital of Male and is part of the Kaafu Atoll. It differs from other islands in lower prices and the ability to live side by side with the local population, which is very loyal to visitors.
On a modest land plot 1.27×0.26 km there are hotels, guesthouses, shops with everything you need, cafes, restaurants and even a prison. It is located in the southern part of the resort. The exterior of the public institution looks very attractive and does not betray its purpose, so the rest does not overshadow.

The island has a subequatorial monsoon climate. Hot weather is year round. Air temperature ranges from 27 to 34 ° C. Water warms up to 25-27 ° C depending on the season. In this part of the world there are only two of them: dry and wet. From May to November, monsoons determine the weather. Rainfall is not every day, but strong winds are not uncommon.

The peak tourist season falls in the winter. This is the best time for tanning: the humidity is moderate, the sun does not burn the skin like that. April and November are transitional months. At this time, it is best to go diving – the water at the resort is especially clean and clear.

The population professes Islam. For this reason, there are no discos, bars and nightclubs. Muslim traditions are revered here more than on other Maldivian islands. More than 15 years ago, women were forbidden to wear bright and colored clothes at Maafushi. True, some representatives of the fair sex still dare to break the law and show their personality.

There are many coconut palms on the island and each one has a host, so you do not need to enthusiastically shoot down and collect the fruits. No one will go to jail for this, but they can make a comment.


There are 2 ways.
On the boat. When booking the hotel, a shuttle service is available. At the appointed hour, a boat will be waiting for you on the pier. The trip will cost about 150 USD.
On a ferryboat. You need a taxi to get to the Villingili Ferry Terminal pier in Male. From there, 2 times a day goes by ferry. The price of the trip will be a little more than 2 USD. Travel time is almost 2 hours.

The timetable of the boat to the island can be found at!buy-tickets-/cyfs where you can buy a ticket
!Attention. Public transport is closed on Friday. Only private boat rides are available.


Almost all food products are imported, which affects the price of dishes in cafes and restaurants. Do not count on a cheap dinner or lunch. In the Maldives, rushing is not accepted, so the service will be long.

Rocket cafe
The most budgetary cafe with a small selection of dishes. The quality of the food is poor.

Check – from 3 USD per person.
Arena beach
Located at the hotel of the same name. Dinner is organized according to the buffet principle (European, Indian and Asian cuisine), you do not have to wait for the waiter and fulfill your order, which is very important on an island where no one is in a hurry.

Check – from 10 USD per person.
Summer villas
A popular place among tourists, who offer a buffet with a decent selection of delicacies of European and local cuisine (the latter prevails).

Check – from 15 USD per person.
It is almost on the beach. Local chefs specialize in Asian and Indian cuisines. If you do not like spicy food, you should warn the waiter in advance.

Check – from 20 USD per person.

WhiteShell Restaurant
A small restaurant at the hotel with tables by the water. The main dish is the species. Food is prepared relatively quickly. The only drawback is the relatively small portions.

Check – from 20 USD per person.
Symphony lagoon
Restaurant with an interesting design. It serves dishes of all the popular cuisines of the world, including European, so tourists who miss pasta, steak and french fries will especially like it.

Check – from 30 USD per person.
Important! Additional charges will automatically be included in the restaurant account: 10% for service and 8% state tax. Consider this nuance when planning your budget.


Hotels have appeared on the island relatively recently. They are almost all new, very comfortable with friendly and friendly staff. Here are the most popular among tourists and the best in terms of price and quality.

4 star hotels
Arena Beach is a small, cozy hotel with ocean views. The comfortable rooms have everything you need, including free Wi-Fi. Panoramic windows allow you to fully enjoy the breathtaking view. There are sun loungers and a shared hot tub on the roof.

Kaani Beach stands in a small palm grove. Rooms have ocean or city views. The rooms are well furnished. There is free wifi. On the territory of the hotel you can go diving and snorkeling, watch dolphins. There is a playground for romantic outings.

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