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First time to Sri Lanka

The island of Sri Lanka is replete with natural and cultural attractions that everyone should see.

Kassapa Palace
On the mountain Sigiriya lie the ruins of the ancient city of Anuradhapura with amazing architecture for those times. You will see the Kassapa Palace, terraces, pools, fountains.

Cave temple
People go to Dambulla to see the cave temple – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It houses a collection of wooden Buddha statues.

Anuradhapura is the ancient capital of the state, which has declined over time. The exact date of the founding of the city is unknown. It is worth examining the material artifacts of the once great civilization.

Gall Vihara Temple
Polonnaruwa is famous for the Gall Vihara Temple. It is one of the main religious buildings in Sri Lanka. A complex irrigation system was built in the city with canals and artificial lakes, which have survived to this day.

The trip to Kandy will appeal to lovers of antiquities, history and culture. This capital of ancient kings, surrounded by picturesque valleys and rivers, attracts museums, architectural monuments and a special atmosphere.

Royal Botanic Garden
The Royal Botanic Gardens in Peradeniya is considered one of the best in all of Asia. It collected about 5,000 plants from around the world. Tourists and locals like to walk along beautiful paths buried in verdure.

Pinnawela Nursery
Pinnawela’s elephant nursery is the largest in the country. Do not miss the opportunity to meet the good giants.

Yala Park
The fauna of the region is represented in the Yala National Park. It is famous for its rich variety of birds.

Kumana Nature Reserve
Kumana Nature Reserve attracts with its beautiful lagoons, descended, as if from an advertising tourist booklet.

Tea Plantations
Not far from the city of Nuwara Eliya, tea plantations are spread. There you can see how tea is grown, processed, and then buy the variety you like.

In Sri Lanka, you can rent a motorcycle or car only at resorts or popular tourist destinations. In the rest of the country, using this service is extremely difficult.

There are 2 types of car rental:
The price depends on the class, age and condition of the car. On average, rent will cost from 3,000 rupees per day. The price of gasoline is approximately 170 rupees / liter.

With a driver
This is not considered something extraordinary. The driver, unlike the tourist, is familiar with the local driving culture, knows the shortest detour routes, and will easily be taken to the destination.

The cost of the service is determined by the brand of the car and costs from 5,000 to 9,000 rupees per day. You don’t have to pay for gas.

Additional charges may apply. You must additionally pay the driver for:

Every night spent outside the city where you rented a car. (from 300 rupees).
Overtime. They start after 20:00. (from 100 rupees).
Meals and accommodation outside the city where you rented a car if the company does not pay the costs of its employee (from 1,500 rupees).
Motorcycle rental
Bike rental will cost from 700 rupees to knocks. It makes sense to ask for a discount if you rent a vehicle for a long term. The price includes a helmet and unlimited mileage.

As collateral, they may require 200-300 USD or a passport. It is not recommended to part with a document guaranteeing departure back to your homeland, under no circumstances. Sometimes a contract is concluded and insurance is issued. If you take a motorcycle in a guesthouse where you rent a house, you can do without a deposit.

Before renting a bike, carefully inspect it and fix any damage.

Driver’s license
Officially, this is the case. The driver must have rights issued in the territory of Sri Lanka by a specialized body in exchange for a notarized and translated into English copy of Russian rights. As a rule, the police turn a blind eye to the absence of such a document, but there are exceptions to each rule.

It is quite enough to have a driver’s license of an international standard with an open category “A”.

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