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Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is a Cypriot resort town, which is famous for its carelessness and love of life. Local residents never lose heart with pleasure sharing with tourists a positive mood, which can be recharged in numerous bars, restaurants and clubs.


The resort is located in eastern Cyprus, 8 km from Protaras and is part of the vast Kokkinokoria area. The name of the city is translated “Sacred Forests”. They say that once the whole area was covered with trees, but over time they were cut down to build a fleet.

Ayia Napa was a quiet fishing village until the 1970s, but that all changed when the Turks occupied northern Cyprus. The indigenous population had to flee the occupied territories. They chose Ayia Napa as a haven and turned it into a tourist paradise, creating all the necessary infrastructure.

HOW TO GET TO Ayia Napa?

The path to the resort lies through Larnaca, whose airport accepts international flights. The distance between cities is a little over 44 km. This path can be overcome in many ways.

Taxi. Travel time from 35-40 minutes. The cost of the trip is about 50 €. Need to bargain.
Bus. The stop is immediately at the exit of the airport. Regular buses run to Ayia Napa with a 1 hour break. Travel time is approximately 1 hour. Ticket price – 8 €.
Rent a car. Rent a middle class car costs 40-50 € per day.
Get to Larnaca and transfer by bus. You need to take bus number 418, 419, 440, get to the central bus station, and then change bus number 711 to get to the Marina stop in Ayia Napa. Travel time is about 2 hours. The cost of the trip is 8 €.
The resort has a typical Mediterranean climate with short winters and hot summers. During the year, the thermometer does not fall below + 16 ° C. The resort welcomes guests from April to the end of November. The autumn and spring months are notable for comfortable temperatures: air + 25 ° C, and water + 20 ° C.

June, July and August are the peak of the tourist season. The air temperature confidently crosses the + 33 ° C mark, at night it can drop to + 22 ° C. Water warms up to comfortable + 23-24 ° C. There is practically no rainfall in the summer.

It is believed that the best Cypriot beaches are concentrated in Ayia Napa: white sand, comfortable descent into the water, developed infrastructure and an abundance of water entertainment. The coastline is kept in perfect cleanliness. No wonder many beaches have the “Blue Flag” – an award for environmental friendliness.

Nissi beach

This is the visiting card of the resort, where the most relaxed party people gather. The fun does not subside day or night. In the daytime, frivolous contests “Wet T-shirt”, “Appetizing Ass” are held here, in the evening, vacationers move to bars and discos to dance until the morning.

Adams beach

The beach is located in the area of ​​the same name hotel. A small concrete staircase leads to the stony birch trees. The beach is narrow, so there are few people. Adams Beach will appeal to fans of a quiet and leisurely vacation.

Macronissos Beach

This is the second most popular beach after Nissi. Its length is more than 500 m. A strip of soft and fine sand was chosen by families with children because of the shallow bottom, which warms up well. Rescue workers are always on duty on the shore. There is a small cafe.

Napa beach

The beach is located in the city center, by the Grecian Bay. On it you can meet an audience of all ages and nationalities – the beach is adjacent to a long series of hotels on a very different budget. A more democratic place simply can not be found.


The beach, located a few kilometers from Ayia Napa, is intended for a contemplative vacation. Water is always clean, sand mixed with pebbles. Around silence, peace and stunning views.

Sandy bay

Miniature beach, well protected from the wind. It has everything for a comfortable pastime – umbrellas, sunbeds, cafes with soft drinks. White sand flickers in the sun.


An amusement park is located almost in the city center, near the beach. It is very simple to find it, a huge ferris wheel and a slingshot ride, which can be seen from afar, act as landmarks.

All carousels and attractions have different prices. Payment takes place with tokens, which can be received at the entrance: 1 € = 1 token. At the exit, unused tokens are exchanged back for money. Attraction “Caterpillar” – 5 €, slingshot (for two) – 25 €, ferris wheel – 3 €, carousel “Tea cups” – 1 €, race track (colliding cars): adults – 2 €, children – 1 €, ride around a ghost train – 1 €, a visit to a pirate ship – 3 €.

Opening hours: daily from 18.00 to 00.00.

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