India independent travel to Kerala
We began to choose where to go. I read the entire Wikipedia, compared it with the reviews and chose Kerala. This is the most peaceful state in South India, there…

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Independent trip to the island of Crete and Santorini
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Malaysian Resorts

Malaysia is the embodiment of the dream of a tourist paradise: summer all year round, exotic jungle, snow-white beaches and the gentle sea. The resorts of this country are always in stable demand. There are many options for relaxing body and soul.


In the northwestern part of the Strait of Malacca lies the Langkwai archipelago, consisting of 99 inhabited and wild islands. The main island of the same name is the center of civilization with a developed tourist infrastructure. He receives the majority of guests. Langkawi Island is famous for its white beaches and bays for private relaxation. There are almost no roads, vehicles are rarely found, so a bicycle and legs are considered the best means of transportation.

If you get tired of a beach vacation, you won’t be bored. You can always go to the cable car to admire breathtaking views from above, visit the aquarium with exotic fish and animals, visit farms where buffalo and crocodiles are raised, look at fruit plantations or enjoy water sports.


In the center of the Malacca archipelago lies the island of Borneo. It is divided between 3 states. Malaysia owns only 26% of its territory, but this is enough to enjoy the beauty of the wild. The rain forests of Borneo are more ancient than the Amazonian. They are home to animal endemic species that are not found anywhere else on the planet. A clean environment provides unlimited opportunities for diving and snorkeling. A beach holiday will bring a lot of pleasure.


On the West coast of the peninsula, in the state of Parak, is the amazing island of Pangkor. It is located only 2 km from the mainland, with which it is connected by a bridge. The beauty of this resort is the lack of crowds of noisy tourists. On idyllic beaches you can always find a place for secluded relaxation. To get acquainted with the way of life of local residents is an interesting opportunity that should not be neglected.


This is a small island located near Pangkor. Despite the fact that it is a private property, anyone can get there. Here is built one of the most luxurious hotels in Malaysia Pangkor Laut Resort. The island impresses with the beauty of its pristine beaches, tropical forests and sapphire bays. He will be liked by newlyweds and those who are looking for a restful rest.


The island is located in the western part of the country. It got its name because of betel nuts, which grow in abundance in these parts. Georgetown is not only the capital of the island, but the entire state. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the large number of architectural monuments.

Penang is a rather lively place with developed infrastructure, skyscrapers, offices of large companies, shopping centers and restaurants for every taste. First of all, tourists come here for excursions, shopping and entertainment. Beach vacations are available in only a few places. The neat coastline offers a standard set of services and entertainment.


Radang is a group of islands lying east of the Malacca Peninsula. Here, tourists are expected not only picturesque landscapes, swimming in the sea, soft sand, but also a marine reserve. Other activities include canoeing along the coast.


The city lies on the west coast of the mainland and is the capital of the state of the same name. Malacca is considered the cultural center of the country with many attractions recognized by the world heritage. In addition to spiritual food, there is entertainment for every taste: restaurants, night clubs, bars. Shopping malls offer many products. You can stay in luxurious apartments of a 5-star hotel or a budget guest house.

Since Malacca is a large port, you should not count on a measured beach holiday.


This is a small piece of land located in the east, 40 km from the mainland. Tioman is in the top 10 of the cleanest and most beautiful islands on the planet, so you can’t call it a budget holiday, despite the undeveloped infrastructure. Not every village on the island has electricity and running water.

Upon arrival, each tourist must pay 5 ringgit, which go to the fund of the local reserve. Nature has been preserved in pristine purity. There are many beautiful chamber beaches, water transparency reaches 35 m, so one of the favorite ways to spend time with tourists is snorkeling and diving.


This miniature tropical pearl is located next to Tioman, 16 km from the east coast. On the island of Rawa there is nothing but a beach and several bungalows. Here everyone will feel like a hermit away from civilization and its technogenic benefits. Attractions: Sunbathing, fishing, windsurfing, canoeing and snorkeling. There are almost no tourists on the island, so you can safely call yourself the sole owner of tropical possessions.

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